Wuli Masters, Keynesian Warlocks & Reptilians

Dancing Wuli Masters, Keynesian Warlocks & Reptilian Conspiracies

Some people thrive on conspiracy theories. The very nature of conspiracy theories is such that historically the widespread belief in conspiracies has destabilized societies in ways that can be very well documented.

Conspiracy Theories

For instance, the German High Command promulgated false documents, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, purporting to be a Jewish conspiracy and utilized the documents to create paranoia in Czarist Russia and other countries. Hitler’s beliefs in a Zionist conspiracy helped to bring about the subversion of Germany’s Weimar Republic and in many quarters of Europe and the Middle East, the Protocols are still accepted at face-value as historical fact.

Adam Weishaupt & the Illuminati

Another popular conspiracy theory has to do with the Illuminati. The fact that the group existed as a secret society in Germany is well documented. Adam Weishaupt, a professor of canon law (Catholic Church law), infiltrated various Masonic lodges across Continental Europe with cell groups that operated much like modern counter-intelligence networks.

Ingolstadt University, a Jesuit institution, provided a base of operations and the network recruited by appealing to a variety of beliefs, including Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, necromancy, social reform and various occultist practices that were attracting freethinkers in Europe. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were familiar with the Illuminati and its methods. Additonally, Frederick the Great, an accomplished Freemason and master of intelligence and counter-intelligence, was quite adept at using the networks of secret societies that infested Europe in the 1700s as strategic tools to further Prussian geo-political interests.

The relevance of the Illuminati to modern political discourse owes to the allegation that the followers of Professor Weishaupt subsequently went into the publishing business, thus, promoting socialism and revolution in France and other countries. The story continues that the various factions of radicalism and occultist secret societies were ready to be knit together by an ideology that would transcend all the various threads of occult speculation, utopianism, anarchism and social reform.

In 1848, Karl Marx made his announcement that the “spectre of International Socialism” was already haunting Europe and striking fear into the hearts of Europe’s kings and aristocracy. “Das Kapital” itself is a hugely successful conspiracy theory.

Engels,the scion of a wealthy industrialist with a vast fortune, financed Marx’s research- research that provided a rationale that tied many conflicting social forces into a system of worldwide terror. It is a tribute to a brilliant mind thatMarx succeeded in paving the way for Lenin and Stalin to create a monolithic machine out of the assortment of strange and conflicting beliefs that constituted the earlier Internationales.

Reptilian Conspiracies & Illuminati Subversion

But there is a modern New Age twist that seems to position the 200 year old Illuminati boogeyman to appear as a social phenomenon that is just beginning to be recognized at this time. Please do not just turn me off because you are sick of hearing about conspiracies of the left and the right. The emerging New Age doctrine makes the Illuminati 10,000 years old. To make things stranger, the teaching purports to have a basis in the Biblical account of Genesis before the flood:

“Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”

Genesis 6: 1-4

According to the New Age interpretation of the Bible, however, the Illuminati were extra-terrestrial Nephilim that eventually inhabited ancient Babylon- and the creatures are still interbreeding, thus producing offspring- including the family of President Bush! They are allegedly manipulating politics and preparing our world for a new Babylonian tyranny, operated on an intergalactic scale and with headquarters in underground fortresses beneath major American cities. If you think this is far-fetched, just start surfing the internet- it gets more far-fetched!

There are apparently good reptilians and bad ones, with some extra-terrestrials exhorting humanity to eschew weapons of mass destruction and to learn to get along, while others are ready to turn earth into a giant slave farm in order to feed the master reptile race during its travels across space.

Such deceptions often contain an Anti-Semitic tendency that is also hostile to orthodox Christianity!

Spiritualism, Haunted Houses & England’s Fabians

Fabian Socialism attracted some of the most notable social thinkers of England in the early 1900s, and conducted much of the early research pertaining to Progressive economics, trade unionism, feminism and social reformation. Eventually H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw, Sydney Webb and other influential intellectuals were drawn into the movement.

The social framework these individuals envisioned shaped England and the rest of the modern world. It is surprising to discover that the whole intellectual edifice of Fabianism initially developed as a result of working people gathering together for spiritualist séances in a house that was supposedly haunted. They eventually began receiving messages about economics and other matters that attracted the cadre of celebrated thinkers that transformed much of England and the rest of the world.

John Maynard Keynes & the Federal Reserve

America has now become riddled with schemes presented as economic stimuli and “progressive” changes in the laws; i.e., just a small change here and a small change there. Keynesian economics- expanding the money supply to increase the government’s share of financial resources and deplete the value of money- has now created massive deficits that were unimaginable for Americans. Keynes advocated that every nation should centralize its banking and allow currencies to float with no value other than the emotional value people invest via their confidence in government economic policy.

John Maynard Keynes, known as a proponent of free markets and capitalism, realized that centralizing banking functions and manipulating the value of national currencies would accelerate economic growth- at least for the short term.

As the Western world embraced Keynesian economics, governmental power grew, currencies were subjected to the vagaries of international financial interests and the private sector became dependent on government programs. Thus, corporations grew into feudal cultures of their own, attracting a new breed of people that have sacrificed many of the old loyalties, traditions and beliefs in order to find security in the bureaucratic matrix of the brave new corporate state.

Modern Statism is an ideology flying under many colors. Nevertheless, various forms of socialism provide the underpinnings for most modern states and corporations prosper because it takes a corporate bureaucracy to navigate the governmental regulatory apparatus.

Impact of England’s Fabian Socialism

Fabian program (gradually transforming society by instituting small changes in the laws of a nation and moving towards global government in increments) has become so familiar that we just shrug our shoulders and pass it off as more liberal-progressivism.

Fabian was a Roman general that used tactical deception in order to keep his enemies unaware that they were being enveloped.

Incidentally, during the Twenties & Thirties, many so-called progressives were as enthusiastic about Hitler and Mussolini’s experiments with socialism as they were about the International brand of socialism pioneered by Marx & Engels. Statist solutions on display in Russia, Italy and Germany presented a promising future especially during the Great Depression. Some people asked whether the newly inaugurated monopoly of investment bankers known as the Federal Reserve contributed to the financial chaos during the 1930s. The rationale for a federal reserve was to control the expansion of the money supply and prevent cycles in the economy.

Theosophy & Madame Blavatsky

Madame Blavatsky was a Russian aristocrat living in Paris in the 1800s and her Theosophical Society was an eclectic combination of Hinduism wrapped around an arguably potent political agenda; i.e., “hidden masters” were moving through human society and inculcating the planet with higher wisdom by means of clairvoyant and direct communication via selected individuals. Theosophists still claim that these “Masters” are in touch with Devas, angelic extra-terrestrials that guide human institutions and culture by telepathy and other hidden influences.

Southern California and parts of Arizona (the whole Left-coast) have long been riddled with such cults that look to extra-terrestrial “hidden masters” for inspiration and guidance.

Aldous Huxley & CIA Acid Dreams

Aldous Huxley, another intellectual from a family of England’s most notable intellectuals, used his novels as platforms to propagate “brave new worlds” where children would be cared for by the tribe rather than by nuclear families and legal systems would meld into a unified primitivism where government could be much less defined (and supposedly more nurturing and organic) because populations would be pacified (enlightened) by drug induced euphoria and Eastern mystical experiences.

In the Fifties and Sixties, Huxley and the CIA were experimenting with LSD. Aldous’ brother, Julian Huxley, was busy promulgating a social agenda that sounded vaguely like the utopian, mushroom-eating societies favored by his nephew, Aldous.

UNESCO & the Brave New Humanistic World Religion

Julian Huxley’s counter-intelligence propaganda apparatus was headquartered at UNESCO, where he was head of the UN religious mission. he was also the first director of UNESCO. In “Religion Without Revelation”, Julian Huxley identified the sense of the numinous (feelings of awe and religiosity) and announced that a universal world religion needed to incorporate profound feelings of spirituality by making numinosity available to everyone without the need to look to higher authority; i.e., Biblical revelation.

So is there something subversive about trying to conjure up religion that has roots in the Vedic system that is thousands of years old? Why shouldn’t people go to Sedona and experience shamanism while drawing power from ancient vortexes or pay thousands of dollars for spiritual and financial advice from Ramtha, an ancient warrior-demon channeled by a former housewife in Yelm, Washington? After all, she advises thousands of people, including Hollywood types, that pay thousands of dollars for seminars on relationships, finance, careers and economics.

Witchcraft (which has always been connected with the use of pharmaceuticals) and New Age religion have their roots in the same soil. The drugs, rebellion and lawlessness of the Sixties are the fruit of a secular-humanist agenda that was blue-printed by intellectuals like Julian Huxley under the auspices of the United Nations. In fact there is a well documented history as to Henry Luce and his wife at the Time-Life empire embracing the psychedelic experience in the 1950s. They both took psychedelic drugs in the 1950s, promoted LSD in their magazines and invited CIA people to their elite parties at which LSD was distributed, in many cases without any knowledge on the part of their guests who must have some interesting recollections of such social gatherings. The guests included celebrities from the highest levels of the political, academic, media, financial and entertainment worlds

Aldous Huxley, along with Timothy Leary and other products of CIA research programs, were the Pied Pipers that lead a whole generation into a quagmire of left-wing paranoia and New Age confusion (see the book “Acid Dreams” for a psychedelicized history of how the U.S. conducted covert operations that fomented much of the craziness of the Sixties). Many people refuse to treat such issues seriously because, quite frankly, it sounds loony to discuss allegations of reptilian inter-breeding and secret societies that have their roots in Eighteenth Century Europe.

David Icke is a man with a substantial following (Google reptilians if you think I am exaggerating) and arguably poses a threat to our nation’s national security if enough people believe his audacious fables. And his New Age followers have money.

Are such conspiracy theories a threat to society?

The only threat I see at this point is that Icke fosters the appearance that Christians subscribe to views that are hostile to virtually every legitimate social and religious institution. This is how counter-intelligence agents operate to subvert the opposition. Many sincere Christians are becoming involved with speculations about the Nephilim and the Illuminati. Some of the organizations that David Icke and others allege to be Illuminati agencies include, but are not limited to, the U.S. government (especially the CIA, of course), Billy Graham’s organization and the Catholic, Baptist and Mormon Churches- all Illuminati operations, according to Icke).

In the Book of Romans, the Apostle Paul instructs Christians to be good citizens and to honor governmental power and authority.

Although we have not received any information that indicates that a significant number of New Age adherents are preparing to use armed force, there is a subtle anti-Semitic influence to Icke’s theology that deserves close inspection. Any doctrine that dehumanizes other people by allegations about their genetic strain already has a strong predisposition toward racism which history shows can morph into anti-Semitism almost by default! The fact that Mr. Icke allegedly worked for the BBC may explain his tendency to vilify Israel and the Jews- but he may be a professional provocateur.

Lyndon LaRouche

The name Lyndon LaRouche somehow came to mind when I started researching these matters. Nevertheless, I have tried to find a link and have not been able to find a connection between the Icke operation and that of LaRouche.

The Bible shows witchcraft and sedition, heresy and murder, deception all traveling in flocks like birds that move together. Where you find one, you will find every foul thing!

Action Training Group Meets in Post Falls, Idaho on Friday March 17

We meet with the public every month to discuss the benefits of joining the all volunteer Action Training Group.

action training group

We will be in the Cabela’s Meeting Room just past the food serving area at Cabela’s in Post Falls, Idaho (near Stateline) between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Friday, March 17, 2017. We will be presenting an upcoming calendar of proposed events along with a preview of our new church safety curriculum. Members of the public, including but not limited to individuals, church safety teams and members of the law enforcement community, are invited. There is no charge for the event.

See our website at www.actiontraininggroup.org.

Action Training Group Meeting at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Spokane

Preparation then action!
On Friday, February 10, 2017 at 6:00 PM, the Action Training Group Inc. will meet at Sportsman’s Warehouse on North Division in Spokane. We invite anyone interested in our group to attend, ask questions and participate in the planning for upcoming events.

The Action Training Group has been presenting shooting events at Fernan Rod and Gun Club near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho since June, 2016.

We are now recruiting new members. A Charter Membership is $39.00. Sign up at Action Training Group. Membership will normally cut the price for each live-fire shooting event by $10.00 or more.

We are incorporated as an Idaho nonprofit. We have By-Laws in place. You can view the By-Laws at http://www.actiontraininggroup.org/.

Our PayPal function allows you to join by accessing our website and also make contributions. We invite interested individuals and groups to attend our business meeting scheduled for Friday, February 10th at 6:00 PM. The meeting is open to the public every month on the second Friday of the month. The ATG will be insured with NRA liability insurance in 2017 and we will start shooting again at one of the local indoor ranges in Spokane or North Idaho soon.

Please go to the Calendar of Events to confirm the website for the date place and time of meetings. We meet at Sportsman’s Warehouse in the back of the store.

We now have a Mission Statement in place with clear, measurable objectives:

MISSION STATEMENT- We are a group of citizens that have come together in order to be prepared for action when a crisis arises. We encourage each other to anticipate threats, think about our actions and the consequences of what we do- or fail to do- and we train accordingly.

ACTION- We must take action. because we cannot prepare by simply thinking and talking about what we see happening;

TRAINING- because we know that preparations fail without continual training;

GROUP- Because we live in communities and cannot prepare & train adequately unless we work together.

OBJECTIVES-We exist for the purpose of giving participants monthly opportunities to continue sharpening skills and to develop a regular schedule of events that includes Reality Based Training, to develop situational awareness and instill skill in the use of arms while maintaining a mindset that fosters defense of ourselves and others.

What do we mean by REALITY BASED TRAINING? The mind is our primary tool for self-defense. Firearms are also a tool but the risks of carrying a firearm outweigh the benefits without constant training in safe handling, storage and use. Reality Based Training is beyond what is available to most gun owners without a great deal of expense. We recommend the various professional shooting academies that are available but regular practice is the key to obtaining proficiency.

We invite interested groups and individuals to contact us and consider serving on one of our volunteer planning committees. Promoting respect for law enforcement, gun safety and preparedness are just some of the values fostered by the numerous activities presently under discussion.

Go to Firearms Lawyer to contact us via email or contact Mark Knapp at (253) 202-2081.

A prudent man foresees the evil, and hides himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. Proverbs 22:3



action training group

Last year (2008), the Supreme Court of the United States (hereinafter SCOTUS) ruled that Americans have an individual right to keep and bear arms. Why does the decision in DC V HELLER matter to city-dwellers like you and I that live or work in Federal Way and have almost no place in our lives for hunting, target shooting or toting a pistol as we go about our busy routines?

The fact that the Washington State Constitution already guarantees Washingtonians protection if we choose to possess firearms also raises the issue of what was, if any, the HELLER decision’s impact on residents of our local communities. Any law-abiding U.S. citizen of sound mind (twenty-one or older) can obtain a Concealed Pistol License in Washington State. You can even keep and wear a weapon in your own home or business without obtaining a CPL. So why does DC V HELLER matter in the Evergreen State?

To answer the question we need a nutshell course on Second Amendment jurisprudence. When the federal government first got involved with regulating guns pursuant to the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA). In the 1939 case of UNITED STATES V MILLER, SCOTUS took up the issue of whether the NFA’s prohibition against sawed-off shotguns violated the Second Amendment. The MILLER court decided the issue by analyzing whether sawed-off shotguns are militarily useful. Ever since that time gun control advocates, law professors and even a minority of Supreme Court justices in the HELLER dissent have been able to point to United States Circuit Court precedents in which the decisions cited the MILLER case and rejected claims that the Second Amendment protects an individual right. Thus, prior to recent times, a majority of legal scholars and even our own Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals have taken the position that the “people” that have the right to keep and bear arms are the states; i.e., the U.S. Constitution only protects a state’s right to maintain a militia.

Pro-gun folks advocate that MILLER only dealt with the issues in a very oblique fashion for a number of reasons, including the fact that the only representatives that appeared to argue the issues in MILLER were the government lawyers! Because the defense did not appear, there was arguably no way for the judges to hear both sides of the issues. It is worth noting that, despite the assertion in the MILLER opinion declaring that sawed-off shotguns have no military usefulness, short barreled shot-guns were very much in use as trench guns in WW I.

It can be argued that the HELLER case is actually the first case in which SCOTUS has dealt directly with the issue of who has standing to assert the right to keep and bear arms. The HELLER decision almost guarantees that many more Supreme Court decisions will follow. Because Washington, DC is not a state there are bound to be cases that decide whether the states are obligated to abide by the Second Amendment and what restrictions are reasonable for the states and the federal government to enact. Keep in mind that many rules dealing with firearms are administrative and are buried deep within arcane intricacies of local, state and federal bureaucracies.

Those of you that resent rampant militarism, the Founding Fathers are on your side! The legislative history of the Bill of Rights reveals that the Founders were conflicted about the wisdom of permitting standing armies that could be used against the people to usurp American’s civil rights. The Federalists compromised with the anti-Federalists by leaving the size of the military up to the President and Congress. By keeping the people armed, Americans would be prepared if the government neglected the national defense and, at the same time, the people would have recourse in the event that the new federal government ran roughshod over our liberties. You have to say one thing for those old boys- they were radical!

Dick Heller, an armed security guard for a government agency, was prohibited under Washington, DC’s draconian gun laws from possessing a gun in his home, even though the United States Government entrusted him to guard life and the U.S. Government’s property. Because he challenged and overturned the DC gun ban, cities like Morton Grove, Illinois are already revising their gun laws to permit at least some private possession of guns within their city limits.

History has demonstrated that the federal government, states and local governments can and will enact laws that deprive individuals and states of the ability to take control of our own destinies. The Interstate Commerce Clause has been invoked to justify economic regulation and federal incursions into almost every area of our lives. Presidents can enter into all kinds of treaties and there are many legal scholars prepared to argue that treaties may be valid even without going through the cumbersome process entailed by the plain meaning of the U.S. Constitution. My Constitutional law professor taught me that treaties supersede the Constitution!

Consider also that in the very near future, you will be hearing a great deal about a proposed UN Treaty that is being touted as a “common sense” agenda to limit trafficking in small arms- a solution to international terrorism and other criminal activities. The only problem is that everywhere we look in the world, the thugs in high places are busy building up arsenals, while the honest folks are mostly disarmed- except in the United States of America.

The DC v Heller case makes it far more difficult for the executive branch of the federal government, Congress or a federal judge interpreting an international treaty to undermine the protection that Washingtonians enjoy under various state laws.

In a very real sense, the Second Amendment helps to protect our First Amendment rights. But guns have no inherent ability to guarantee that we will remain a free people. Vigilance and prayer must secure liberty.

In conclusion, you should take a final look at a not-so-apparent but self-evident truth. The right to protect our loved ones does not come from a constitution or other legal document. Protecting our families and communities from violence is not really even a right! It is a duty that is placed on us by God. The soccer-mom or senior citizen that might be carrying a concealed pistol often represents as much of a deterrent to violent crime as a six foot, two-hundred pound police officer. Why? Because predators never know where and when the armed citizen may respond with deadly force!

The Lochner Era in Supreme Court History

Preparation, then action!
What is Substantive Due Process?

From 1897 through 1937, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a number of cases involving economic issues where the court often struck down state regulations that restricted business owners. Child labor laws and minimum wage laws, for example, were held to violate the freedom of contract, a liberty interest under the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment guarantees life, liberty and property and requires due process under the law before state governments can invade such interests. At one time, the Court had consistently held that the 14th Amendment only guaranteed fundamentally fair procedural safeguards.

However, even before FDR was president, the Court began invalidating minimum wage laws, federal child labor laws, regulations on banking, insurance and transportation industries and unions. This years are often called Lochner era because the Court began a process of discovering substantive legal rights that were often characterized as freedom of contract; i.e., liberty interests protected by the 14th Amendment.

The Supreme Court played an activist role during the Lochner era. The Court sometimes invalidated state and federal legislation that inhibited business or restricted free enterprise. In the 1930s, the Court invalidated labor and market regulations such as laws attempting to abolish Yellow Dog contracts. Employees signed Yellow Dog contracts promising not to join labor unions as a condition of employment. Such laws ran head on into FDR’s New Deal laws. FDR threatened to add several new justices to the court in order to prevent the court from stroking down laws enacted by the New Deal Congress.

In a case that came to the court from Washington state, West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish, some of the Conservative justices unexpectedly sided with Roosevelt administration’s position that minimum wage laws are permitted by the United States Constitution.

In the West Coast Hotel case, Chief Justice Hughes stated the following:

“ The principle which must control our decision is not in doubt. The constitutional provision invoked is the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment governing the states, as the due process clause invoked in the Adkins Case governed Congress. In each case the violation alleged by those attacking minimum wage regulation for women is deprivation of freedom of contract. What is this freedom? The Constitution does not speak of freedom of contract. It speaks of liberty and prohibits the deprivation of liberty without due process of law. In prohibiting that deprivation, the Constitution does not recognize an absolute and uncontrollable liberty.

West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish

Congress rejected the Roosevelt proposal to pack the court and it is often assumed that the Supreme Court bowed to political pressure after President Roosevelt’s proposal to enlarge the Court. Justice Owen Roberts, who had previously voted to strike down similar legislation, joined the wing more sympathetic to the New Deal and upheld the Washington state law setting a minimum wage for women.

According to progressive scholars, judges invented novel economic “rights” — most notably “substantive due process” and “liberty of contract” — and then injected their own values upon the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. It is hard to deny that the Court was abrogating the authority of state legislatures and Congress by finding unrestricted liberty interests that are not specifically enumerated in the U.S. Constitution.

Between 1899 and 1937, the Supreme Court held 159 statutes unconstitutional and another 25 were struck down in reference to the due process clause coupled with some other provision. When the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted in 1868, 27 out of 37 state constitutions had provisions which typically said: “All men are by nature free and independent, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring and possessing and protecting property: and pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.” Nevertheless, finding that such provisions guarantee the right of a child to contract for long hours performing factory work requires stretching the text to find rights that are not enumerated in the Constitution. The authority to make laws remains with state legislatures except where the Constitution specifically provides otherwise.

Two early substantive due process cases, Pierce v. Society of Sisters and Meyer v. Nebraska, were decided during the Lochner era. These two cases helped legitimize the modern substantive due process decisions involving the constitutional “right to privacy’ which opened the door to the Court’s prohibition on most state and federal laws restricting abortion. The so-called right to privacy is not enumerated in the Constitution and also is the basis for the Court’s decisions striking down state laws against consensual sodomy, thus fueling the same sex marriage agenda and many other issues that have divided our society and ignited the Culture wars.

In Lochner v. New York (1905), the Court struck down a New York State law limiting the number of hours bakers could work on the grounds that it violated the bakers’ “right to contract”.

The following Supreme Court decisions are typical cases from the Lochner era:

• Allgeyer v. Louisiana (1897), striking down state legislation prohibiting foreign corporations from doing business in the state
• Lochner v. New York (1905), striking down state legislation limiting weekly working hours
• Adair v. United States (1908), striking down federal legislation prohibiting railroad companies from demanding that a worker not join a labor union as a condition for employment (“yellow-dog contract”)
• Coppage v. Kansas (1915), striking down state legislation prohibiting yellow-dog contracts
• Adams v. Tanner (1917), striking down state legislation preventing privately owned employment agencies from assessing fees for their services
• Hammer v. Dagenhart (1918), striking down federal regulation of child labor
• Duplex Printing Press Co. v. Deering (1921), construing federal legislation not to exempt labor unions from antitrust lawsuits
• Bailey v. Drexel Furniture Co. (1922), invalidating a federal tax on interstate commerce by employers hiring children
• Adkins v. Children’s Hospital (1923), striking down federal legislation mandating a minimum wage level for women and children in the District of Columbia
• Nichols v. Coolidge, 274 U. S. 531 (1927)
• Railroad Retirement Board v. Alton Rr., 295 U. S. 330 (1935)
• Louisville Joint Stock Land Bank v. Radford, 55 Sup. Ct. 869 (1935)
• United States v. Butler (1936), construing congressional taxing power to invalidate the Agricultural Adjustment Act
• Carter v. Carter Coal Company (1936), striking down federal legislation regulating the coal industry

Action Training Group, Inc. presents Firearms & Reality Based Training Scenarios for Spokane-Coeur d’Alene Area


On October 20, 2016, we presented another training event for new and experienced shooters. The Action Training Group has been presenting shooting events at Fernan Rod and Gun Club near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho since June, 2016.

We will soon be shooting indoors for the winter months but are glad to schedule groups of people for Action Shooting events while the weather holds out!

We are now recruiting new members. A Charter Membership is only $29.00. Charter Members that sign up before January 1, 2017 will only pay $29.00 a year to renew membership for at least the next five years. Membership will normally cut the price for each live-fire shooting event by $10.00 or more.


We are now incorporated as an Idaho nonprofit. We have written By-Laws in place. You can view the By-Laws at http://www.actiontraininggroup.org/.

We invite interested individuals and groups to attend our business meetings in Liberty Lake presently scheduled for November 11 at 6:00 PM.

Please go to the Calendar of Events at the website for the date place and time of the meeting.

We are seeking volunteer range officers, instructors and others who can serve in a number of capacities.

We also expect to provide support in creating the new Jensen Memorial Youth Ranch facility near Medical Lake. See Jensen Ranch.

REALITY BASED TRAINING. Our objective for the next several months will be to focus on new shooters and developing Reality Based events that will be utilized by members of church security teams to train their teams.

We are developing plans for force on force scenarios, including scenarios for members of church security teams. Such scenarios should include foreseeable church emergencies- low light, crowded rooms, hostile shooters stationed at exits, etc.


The ADTA- which Mark S. Knapp helped start in Federal Way- has had a great deal of success with New Shooter Clinics.

We now have a Mission Statement in place with clear, measurable objectives:

MISSION STATEMENT- We are a group of citizens that have come together in order to be prepared for action when a crisis arises. We encourage each other to anticipate threats, think about our actions and the consequences of what we do- or fail to do- and we train accordingly.

ACTION- We must take action. because we cannot prepare by simply thinking and talking about what we see happening;

TRAINING- because we know that preparations fail without continual training;

GROUP- Because we live in communities and cannot prepare & train adequately unless we work together.

OBJECTIVES-We exist for the purpose of giving participants monthly opportunities to continue sharpening skills and to develop a regular schedule of events that includes Reality Based Training, to develop situational awareness and instill skill in the use of arms while maintaining a mindset that fosters defense of ourselves and others.

What do we mean by REALITY BASED TRAINING?

Reality One. The mind is our primary tool for self-defense. Firearms are also a tool but the risks of carrying a firearm outweigh the benefits without constant training in safe handling, storage and use.

Reality Two. Tools need to be maintained therefore we need to think actively about our responses in advance and then act thoughtfully during an emergency that may require an immediate response.

Reality Three. Use of force requires a mindset by which we respond immediately and effectively; our response must be correct for the circumstances.

Reality Four. Conveying a positive public perception towards armed citizens is important because misperceptions can contribute to the potential for chaos during a crisis. Thus, we will aim for opportunities to interact positively with local police and other public agencies and the news media and remain free of taking political positions.

Reality Five. We are committed to monthly “live-fire events” that may consist of AirSoft or other Reality-Based simulated lethal force technology, shooting on the move and making real-time decisions related to use of force. Developing marksmanship and the ability to deploy lethal force under stress with follow-up in the form of after-action reports is critical. We will endeavor to provide training scenarios that will develop fundamental skills and also provide training for the more advanced shooter and/or a security team.

Reality Based Training is beyond what is available to most gun owners.

The shoot-on-the-move courses of fire develop many of the skills and challenges featured in various competition shooting matches like IDPA and USPSA shooting.

We invite interested groups and individuals to contact us and consider serving on one of our volunteer planning committees.

Promoting respect for law enforcement, gun safety and preparedness are just some of the values fostered by the numerous activities presently under discussion.

Go to Firearms Lawyer for my email or contact Mark Knapp at (253) 202-2081.

Action Shooting Group Forming in Spokane Valley & Post Falls, Idaho

Citizens Action Group Presenting Gun Training for Spokane & Post Falls

On June 15 at 5:00 PM, a group of us will be presenting pistol training for a women’s group and others interested in forming a new citizen defense group. The new service club will be meeting at Fernan Rod & Gun Club range for an introduction to the fundamentals of action pistol shooting.

We are planning to create a nonprofit corporation by next fall for the Post Falls and Spokane Valley areas. Several months ago we announced that we will be presenting live-fire action shooting events and training on a regular basis with experienced instructors in scenarios that simulate actual self-defense situations for those that want to be better prepared to protect ourselves and loved ones.

We are planning our first major event for the fall of 2016. We are designing simple shoot-on-the-move drills that will supplement the training you may already have. There will be instructors to teach participants how to draw from the holster. We will complete many of the drills with SIRT pistols. We hope to have enough of the laser training pistols for everyone with holsters but please contact us because the event is limited to 25 people.

We will be asking for a donation of $10.00 and you should bring your carry pistol, hard holster suitable for carrying a pistol on your belt with extra magazines and 100 rounds of pistol ammunition for your pistol.

Shoot-on-the-move events involve multiple targets, rapid shooting from the holster and engaging targets from behind cover and while moving.

We are developing a mailing list for those who want to participate in regular events like the ones described above. Church security teams should contact us because we will be developing specialized education and training to provide cost-effective training programs tailored to church security.

It is very difficult to arrange for shoot-on-the-move training at most ranges because of potential liability issues. We will be exploring ways to provide cost-effective insurance and set up Reality Based Training that is beyond what is available to most gun owners.

The shoot-on-the-move events that we anticipate presenting at various locations around North Idaho and Spokane will be noncompetitive. Nevertheless, the courses of fire will develop many of the skills and challenges featured in various competition shooting matches like IDPA and USPSA shooting. Our event in Fall, 2016 will be near Medical Lake at a new range that is still under construction.

Additionally, the cooperation and camaraderie of shooting together demonstrates how neighbors can encourage each other to protect our loved ones and be a force for good in our communities. The group will not have any political or religious agenda but we require law abiding citizens that respect the laws and submit to the state, local and federal governments.

We anticipate using a number of paper and steel targets. We invite interested groups and individuals to contact us and consider serving on one of our volunteer planning committees.

Go to Firearms Lawyer for my email or contact Mark Knapp at the telephone number there.

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. Proverbs 22:3

British Benghazi in Afghanistan 1842


Central Asia is a very large stage from which originated the legendary Mongolian armies, the Turks that seized the ancient Byzantine empire and many fabled cities that had rarely been visited by Westerners even in the 1800s. In Washington DC and other modern world capitals, officials wring their hands and discuss Afghanistan’s reputation for breaking formidable occupation forces like the British and Russians. President Obama campaigned with promises to finish the job in Afghanistan. A good promise that may be EXHIBIT “A” in the case we can call “CHARACTER COUNTS VS. INDECISION AND VACILLATION.

In 1840, Sir William Macnaghten, preparing to leave his duties in Afghanistan and begin a new job in Bombay, stated that Afghanistan was quiet from “Dan to Beersheeba”. In Kabul, British officers and their wives and children played cricket, held concerts and enjoyed steeplechases and skating far from the heat of India from where most of them had come. Macnaghten was an experienced political officer but he and the other political were unaware that the combination of coercion and subsidies the British lavished on many tribes could not offset womanizing, drinking and other British pastimes that greatly offended the Islamic mullahs and not a few Afghani husband’s. Warnings went out that “their mullahs are preaching against us from one end of the country to the other” but Macnaghten chalked the warnings up to alarmism with potential to needlessly delay his career move.

The presence of so many British subjects drove up the price of food. Additionally, taxes were increased due to Shah Shujah’s lifestyle which depended on the British continuing to occupy Kabul despite British assurances to the contrary. Seduction of local women had roused the cuckolded men of Kabul to murderous thirst for revenge that was not long in coming.

Sir Alexander Burnes, the British officer who first scouted out Afghanistan for the British, was living with other officers in a house surrounded by a wall and courtyard. His assistant warned Sir Alexander that threats against his life were being made. Even as Burnes was ignoring the warnings, a crowd was gathering in hopes of seizing the garrison treasury. The mob grew larger and proceeded to the officers’ residence in the old city. When Macnaghten was informed, he argued with suggestions to take immediate action and continued to act indecisively as things took many rapid turns for the worse.

Burnes and other officer, standing on a balcony overlooking the demonstrators, tried to reason with the now uncontrollable mob which unable to hear anything Burnes said. Nevertheless, Burnes ordered his sepoys to hold their fire even as the stables were set on fire. Then a shot from the crowd killed Major Broadfoot standing beside Burnes on the balcony. Burnes tried to buy off the crowd but the gold in the compound was already free for the taking. According to one account, Burnes was convinced to sneak out of the compound in native garb and then betrayed to the mob. Due to indecision and the confusion amid such uproar, Macnaghten never issued orders to save Burnes and the other officers from the massacre even though over 4,500 British and Indian troops were nearby.

Burnes fate was only a prelude to more indecisive negotiations, mistakes and outright criminal negligence on the part of Macnaghten, the epitome of the wrong politician at the wrong place at the wrong time. The mob careened through the city slaughtering suspected collaborators. As the rampaging mob proceeded to burn homes and loot shops, Macnaghten and General William Elphinstone, a sick and ageing man that should not have been in command, continued to vacillate as thousands of Afghans streamed to join the throng in the city.

The British hunkered down for a siege in a poorly protected low-lying plain. Macnaghten had no military experience that might have caused him to move the garrison away from the threat of artillery and sniper fire. Like a true politician he began dispensing more money in a failed effort to buy some friendship. There were even payments made to assassinate the leaders of the insurrection but with little effect on the rebel resolve. Outlying British posts were overrun, an entire Gurkha regiment was massacred and efforts to eliminate two Afghan guns that were placed on a hill overlooking the trapped garrison led to a new catastrophe.

After taking the hill, the British troops, attacked by Afghan horsemen and infantry, formed into two squares with massed cavalry waiting for the onslaught to begin. The Afghans had long-barreled jezails that reached out to British troops with impunity. The British nine pounder was too overheated to retaliate and the British muskets dropped rounds harmlessly in front of the deadly Afghan matchlocks.

Even while many British troops within the squares were being killed by well-aimed rifle fire, the enemy had crawled along a gully (in full view of those watching the battle from the cantonments below) and the enemies blood curdling charge was only stopped after the rallying fleeing British to reform and launch a bayonet charge. The cavalry and the 9-pounder (back in action) also helped to drive off the Afghans. Casualties were heavy on both sides but it seemed as though “the curse of God was upon those unhappy people”. The Afghan attackers fled back to the cantonments but quickly returned with shouting to mutilate the 300 British corpses that remained on the hillside.

At this point Mohammed Akbar Khan joined the rebels with 6,000 fighting men! His father, Dost Mohammed, deposed by the British, was in India in British hands, so the Afghans, now outnumbering the British garrison by seven to one, surprised the British by offering a truce. Macnaghten had little choice but to follow the standard political playbook: negotiate and cover your ass!

The Afghan negotiators wanted Shah Shujah and demanded that the British surrender their arms and return to India. After further discussions it was agreed that Britain would withdraw its troops under guarantee of safe passage and the Shah would return with the British to India. Meanwhile Macnaghten began attempts to reverse the situation by manipulation. Even as his negotiating position continued to weaken and with the onset of winter, Macnaghten sent a go-between with promises of gold to divide the enemy.

This worked well enough that Akbar now made a new offer. Wait and leave Afghanistan in the spring and pay Akbar a small fortune for handing over Burnes’ assassin. Macnaghten, convinced that he had now finessed the situation beautifully, went out the next day and sat down with Akabar to parley. When asked whether he accepted the offer proposed the night before, Macnaghten replied, “Why not?”

Within hearing range and unbeknown to Macnaghten, men from the same tribes that Macnaghten had worked so assiduously to buy off were within hearing range and could now see for themselves how the British were trying to play off the various tribes against each other. Such duplicity sealed the Macnaghten’s fate and the fate of the whole garrison.

Akbar came off best in the great game of treachery that had now been unfolding in central Asia for centuries. Macnaghten was drug away in horror and astonishment and there is no reliable account of the exact manner of his death which may have come from Akbar’s own hand. Such was Akbar’s rage at his father having been overthrown by the British that Macnaghten’s beheaded corpse along with the severed arms and legs limbs were exhibited in the bazaar that night. Once again, indecision had prevented rescue even though General Elphinstone was standing by with look-outs in the nearby cantonments and observed the whole affair.

At this late stage, the Afghans fully expected to bear the full brunt of British retaliation. Elphinstone, gout-ridden, descended into a paralysis that spread to the whole garrison. Decisive leadership, which still could have prevented the annihilation of over 16,000 men, women and children did not exist within the camp. With limited supplies and without any will to act, negotiations were renewed!

At this point, Eldred Pottinger could only negotiate from weakness and advised attacking immediately. Five years previously Pottinger successfully organized the defense of Herat but Elphinstone ignored the suggestion that Akbar could not be trusted and overruled his advice to attack the enemy. When Akbar demanded that the British surrender their field pieces and provide married officers along with wives and children as hostages, Elphinstone asked for volunteers. On January 1, 1842, the British garrison entered an agreement for safe passage under armed escort through the passes to Jalalabad, the nearest British garrison, eighty miles away. The demand for married officers with families had dropped and the British knew that any hesitation would mean mountain passes blocked with snow. There were warnings that, unless the Afghans provide hostages, the British had signed their own death warrants. Any remaining positions of strength had now been denied the British, however, as they headed to their fate.

There was an advance guard that included cavalry followed by British wives and children, the sick and pregnant borne by Indian on palanquins. Following these were the infantry, main cavalry and artillery and then a rearguard that protected the camels and bullocks sandwiched in between the main body and the rear. Thousands of camp followers were trying to keep up wherever they could, most without any provisions. The escort promised by Akbar did not show up and promised supplies were not provided. Nevertheless, despite repeated advice to stay in a defensible position within the city, the British started towards the passes. Only one man, a medical doctor, made it through alive to the fort in Jalalabad a week later.

From the time that the British turned their backs on their cantonment, the Afghans harassed them with sniper fire that never really ceased. Afghan horsemen drove off the livestock and hacked at the straggling camp followers. The British covered a bloody five miles the first day after leaving Kabul and the first night many of Indian troops and camp followers died from the cold or were crippled by frostbite and left behind to die in the snow. Akbar now appeared and demanded more hostages, ordering Elphinstone to wait while Akbar went ahead to talk to the tribes through whose territory the British would be escorted.

Once the British entered the four mile long Khoord-Cabool Pass on January 8th, the fact became apparent that Akbar had made the British halt to give the tribesmen with their jezails time to reach the crags commanding the pass. The dead numbered three thousand that day, many butchered as they crossed and recrossed a frozen stream. Amid the incessant sniper fire, Akbar rode urging the Afghans to spare the British. While he said “spare them” in Persian (a language known to many British officers), he exhorted the enemy to “slay them” in Pashtoo. Akbar proposed to take the wives and children of the British officers. Nineteen of them were escorted away and never seen again!

The snow-blind soldiers were cut up by the incessant sniper fire and butchered by hand in the snow. By the 10th only 750 troops survived and, of the 12,000 civilians that had left Kabul five days before, two-thirds were dead. Akbar looked on as all this transpired and Elphinstone accepted his claims that the men were beyond his control.

On January 12th, there were less than 200 troops and 2,000 camp-followers. When the general went to Akbar’s camp with his second-in-command and another officer, Akbar took them hostage, too. The British, having received a message smuggled out by Elphinstone, continued on at night. Thus, they surprised the Afghans by trying to remove an unmanned barrier erected to stop them beneath the deadly Afghan sniper emplacements positions planned for the following day in the narrow gorge.

It was in the chaos after the Afghan’s discovered British troops demolishing the barrier that Dr. William Brydon was surrounded, pulled from his horse and cut with a knife. Brydon parried another blow from a long Afghan knife by slicing off his opponent’s fingers in the darkness. Dehorsed and missing a piece of his skull, Dr. Brydon came across a chest-shot cavalryman that begged him to take his pony. Dr. Brydon joined a group of officers and men who made it past the barrier.

The only other group that broke through (twenty officers and forty-five enlisted men) had formed into a square near the village of Gandmark and fought to the last man. These men refused to bargain with Afghans that promised safety if the men handed over their weapons. Hand to hand fighting started when the British men resisted disarmament. Fighting with bayonet and sword, at least one officer killed five Afghans before they claimed his life.

Dr. Brydon’s group accepted the hospitality of a peaceful village twelve miles to the east. Suddenly, at a signal, armed horsemen were attacking the village of Futtehabad, grabbing the British weapons while the villagers joined in, firing on Brydon’s comrades that tried to ride off. Five, including the good doctor got clear, but only Brydon managed to elude pursuit. The doctor put his sword to good use and cut through one group of about twenty. A little further on he was confronted by a second group that included an Afghan with a jezail. The close range shot snapped the doctor’s sword and wounded the pony that carried the lone British survivor out of range.

Then a group of horsemen approached Dr. Brydon. At first he mistook them for a British rescue party. Then Dr. Brydon threw the broken sword at one of the opponents, taking a sword swipe with his left hand. He reached for his bridle with his strong hand and the opponent rode off. “I suppose my foe thought I was reaching for a pistol,” he stated later.

Alas, his pistol, fallen from its holster, was behind him somewhere in the snow. Brydon was wounded and his pony, severely bleeding, was unlikely to take him to Jalalabad. Hunger was overtaking him and fatigue began to set in. He started thinking about how vulnerable he would be to another roving band of Afghans when, on January 13, 1842 the British look-outs in Jalalabad saw him. The other survivors of the original 16,000 that left Kabul were the hostages held by Akbar and some sepoys and other Indians that hid in caves. No stragglers ever came to the Jalalabad’s Kabul Gate.

Veterans Administration: Obama Administration’s Strategy for Stripping Vets of Gun Rights?

It is now widely known that veterans that receive VA checks via protective payees are to be stripped of their gun rights.  There are many reasons that a veteran may have someone receiving their paychecks.  The mere inability to handle financial affairs does not indicate that veterans are a threat to themselves or others and should not possess firearms.

Also, contrary to denials, a medical provider at the VA only has to report to the NICS that there is a mental health issue- such as suicidal thoughts- and veterans rights are being taken away without the benefit of a hearing or any due process. Although there is a procedure to get rights restored after a NICS prohibition, the process can become a Kafkaesque descent into bureaucratic-legal hell!

Law of Armed Self-Defense Class in Spokane Valley

The Law Office of Mark Knapp PLLC is prepared to present the Laws of Armed Defense in the Spokane area but we are waiting to announce the date after we receive emails from at least thirty people ready to attend. The class at CenterPlace Regional Event Center in Spokane Valley will cover legal aspects that you need to know if you are preparing to own a gun for self-defense and is geared toward protection of yourself and other members of your family.

Mark S. Knapp

• What to consider if you plan to wear a pistol
for self defense;

• Legal training: before, during and after
confronting deadly force;

• When and how to deploy deadly force to
defend yourself or loved ones;

• Interacting with law enforcement when
carrying a weapon;

• Understand the psychology of stress under fire;

• Aftermath of the self-defense encounter.

Class taught by
Mark Knapp

Washington State
Firearms Lawyer

CenterPlace Regional Event Center
2426 N. Discovery Place • Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Date and time to be announced.

$49/person or $79/two people signed up together.

Contact by phone or email with questions or to sign up in advance.


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