Good Guy With Gun Prevents Mass Carnage at Arapahoe HS


On Friday an armed school resource officer stopped a potential mass shooting at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado. The 18 year old shooter was armed with a pump-action shotgun, a machete and three Molotov cocktails.

Many high schools don’t have any armed personnel. It is good that an Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy was assigned to the school as an armed school resource officer. Karl Pierson, a self-avowed socialist, had enough ammunition and weaponry to create another grizzly scene like nearby Columbine High School or Newtown. I think the Molotov cocktail is named after one of Joseph Stalin’s most famous henchmen- also a socialist.

One of Pierson’s classmates, Claire Esther Davis, died after lingering on for several days. Pierson ignited one of his firebombs in the school library. Then he killed himself as the school resource officer closed in. One media outlet quoted one of the shooter’s fellow students describing Karl as having “socialist opinions”. The news outlet changed the quote and simply characterized the shooter as “opinionated”.

Imagine how the story would have been reported had young Karl Pierson been a fan of Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin! The whole event took 80 seconds and only one person died and another was injured. Many more could have died within a few minutes if it had not been for the good guy with a gun.

Then on Tuesday, Dec. 17th, a shooter killed an innocent victim and himself at the RENOWN REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER in Reno, NV. At another high school near Olympia, Washington, a student was arrested that had a fascination with the Columbine High School shootings. It is not known what the political views of the two shooters might have been. CNN and other news networks only announce this when someone jumps to the conclusion that an active shooter is a follower of Sarah Palin, but not Karl Marx.

The left-leaning maniac that shot the Congress woman in Arizona was immediately misidentified as a Tea Party advocate with a fondness for Sarah Palin’s political outlook by the Democratic Sheriff of Pinal County. The falsehood was echoed by a compliant news media. Once the original allegation discovered to be patently false, the shooter’s political views became irrelevant.

The number of active shooters with left-wing socialist world views has been noted by many observers. Most recent mass shooters, with some exceptions, often seem to purchase their guns right before embarking on their deadly killing sprees. Karl Pierson, an Eagle Scout, may have had some prior training because the BSA still encourages gun safety education and many Scout troops actually go to the range and engage targets. Eagle Scouts rarely go off the rails- until they start buying into Marxist-Leninist theory and various strands of socialism. However. there are not many Boy Scout merit badges in Communistic- Progressive doctrines that begin and end with the premise that all human progress springs out of social forces formed by class interests clashing in inexorable struggle; i.e., violent struggle. Or how to make Molotov cocktails, for that matter!