All Volunteer Armed Defense Training Association in Spokane?

Introduction to the Armed Defense Training Association

Spokane and North Idaho: Gun Training Opportunities

Firearms Lawyer, Mark Knapp, makes a solid case for introducing a nonprofit volunteer gun-training group to Spokane and North Idaho.

Build It & They Will Come

The United States is experiencing a historic wave of new shooters. And with that come new shooting facilities and other firearms related businesses. Bellevue, Washington, Las Vegas, Nevada and Potlatch, Idaho are cities that have attracted successful gun-related businesses. Idaho and Montana are both among a growing number of states that have recognized the economic opportunity created by America’s legacy of firearms freedom.

Las Vegas recently received a large amount of revenue from a sell-off of Federal land (authorized by Congress just for Nevada). The money had to be used on parks, and at least $64 million has been spent on the Clark County Shooting Complex. Las Vegas hosts shooting activities that include opportunities to shoot fully automatic weapons and other equipment that would be illicit contraband in states like California.

Arming citizens properly

Armed citizens from all over the United States are getting trained at places like Front Sight, another rapidly growing shooting complex near Las Vegas. Many new gun owners go to gun ranges like Center Target Sports in Post Falls. The needs don’t stop with instruction. Gunsmiths, holster and optics manufacturers and other retail sales are all examples of economic opportunities for North Idaho counties that are willing to manage zoning regulations in ways that encourage firearms related industries to relocate. Developing policies that promote indoor and outdoor ranges is a key to attracting such enterprises.

Can North Idaho learn something from Las Vegas and Bellevue? Center Target Sports, named as the best indoor range in the United States a few years ago, is already a model for other ranges that are springing up in cities all over the United States. Bellevue, Washington area hosts at least three indoor ranges, and a number of outdoor ranges, all within a short drive from one another. Boise area has at least one range that is marketing to families.

A Little History

In 2011, a group of firearms enthusiasts created the ARMED DEFENSE TRAINING ASSOCIATION (ADTA). The group helped pave the way for a new indoor range in Federal Way with two law enforcement tactical bays and other facilities where shooters can practice target shooting. The range offers shoot-on-the-move practice and competition with pistols, rifles and shotguns.

The ADTA itself started when some members of the local Chamber of Commerce started asking each other what it would take to create a range for the suburban city located halfway between Tacoma and Seattle. We started presenting shoot-on-the-move events and New Shooter Clinics with an emphasis on safety. We quickly transition new and experienced shooters into advanced tactical drills- but always with basic safety first and last.

Members regularly share expertise with other members on the range and in classroom settings or at monthly membership meetings that are open to the public. For example, we focused on stress-fire techniques one week with a live stress-fire event on the range the following week. We have also recently worked with shotgun training and education in how to deal with edged weapons attacks.

The ADTA does not try to take the place of professional firearms training. The group offers a place to get started and to maintain gun handling skills. Formed in 2011, the ADTA, recently recognized by the IRS as a 501©(7) non-profit organization, is ready to reach out to help new chapters form anywhere in the Northwest and beyond.

One advantage of having various chapters will be the increased access to experts from various communities. The all volunteer staff can offer help to other ADTA chapters in other cities and the existing ADTA team can help get new chapters off the ground. The Federal Way group has been busy creating a model and systems that can be reproduced when other communities in the Northwest ask for help.

New ADTA Chapters Planned for Northwest

The new ADTA chapters will attract volunteer instructors and qualified range officers that can help with bigger events. We are expecting to identify volunteers who are also experts in real estate, fund raising, public relations and other fields so we can offer opportunities to participate in unique training events that will make our families and communities safer.

It all starts with contacting us if you want to see an ADTA chapter in the area where you live. The goal is to practice at a range close to where you live- close enough that you can conveniently take your wife and kids or neighbors out for some practice. But with the opportunity to practice in a tactical manner with multiple targets while shooting on the move. It’s like that movie, FIELD OF DREAMS- “Build it and they will come!”

FBI Clears Way for Restoration of Gun Rights After DV Conviction in Washington State

Up until recently, anyone that had been convicted of a Fourth Degree Assault determined to be domestic violence in Washington State was in a tough position because the NICS did not recognize a Restoration of Rights for Washington state non-felony domestic violence convictions. State and federal laws on the subject of domestic violence and gun rights are very technical and you should schedule a legal consultation in order to look carefully at any convictions that you think resulted from allegations of domestic violence.

Many Washington State citizens with misdemeanor DV convictions who had their right to possess firearms restored were getting NICS denials. The intent of Congress has long been that a state court order restoring firearm rights should remove federal prohibitions on possessing firearms.

“A person shall not be considered to have been convicted of such an offense for purposes of this chapter if the conviction has been expunged or set aside, or is an offense for which the person has been pardoned or has had civil rights restored (if the law of the applicable jurisdiction provides for the loss of civil rights under such an offense) unless the pardon, expungement, or restoration of civil rights expressly provides that the person may not ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms.”

The United States Department of Justice and the FBI-NICS no longer look at most non-felony convictions for domestic violence in Washington as offenses that prohibit possession of firearms. This is based on the 2013 case of Descamps v U.S. The FBI NICS division was previously taking the position that even a Washington State court order restoring firearm rights to misdemeanants did not remove firearm prohibitions under federal law because the conviction did not result in the loss of civil rights.

Restoring gun rights in Washington requires a Certificate of Rehabilitation and Restoration of Firearms Rights; merely vacating the conviction or expungement does not meet the requirements of Washington law nor will vacating a conviction satisfy federal criteria for restoration of the right to possess firearms.

If you have been convicted for felonies and Washington state restores your right to possess a weapon you will also be eligible for a Washington Concealed Pistol License. The federal government has now determined that conviction for a Fourth Degree Assault (DV) in Washington State does not prohibit possession of firearms under 18 USC 922 (g)(9) because the Washington State statute for that offense is too vague. Nevertheless, there is still a need to obtain a restoration of firearms rights in order to satisfy state law requirements and federal interpretations of Washington State law related to firearms rights seems to change unexpectedly.

Note Very Well: When answering the questions for a NICS background check: Question 11i on Form 4473 should be answered with strict accuracy: answer “yes” if, and only if, you have a conviction for an offense that meets the federal Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence definition pursuant to 18 USC 922(g)(9); i.e., “use or attempted use of physical force or threatened use of a deadly weapon.”

Thus, if you have a conviction for Assault in the Fourth Degree in Washington State, you should state that you have no convictions related to domestic violence on the form you must complete to purchase a firearm through a federally licensed firearms dealer. This advice applies even if the notation (DV) appears next to the conviction on your criminal history rap sheet and provided you only have a Fourth Degree Assault conviction that was entered in Washington State. All of those offenses listed in 9.41.040(2)(a)(i) fall outside the federal definition of Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence.

Assault in the Fourth Degree, Coercion,
Stalking, Reckless Endangerment,
Criminal Trespass in the First Degree,
Violation of the provisions of a protection order or no-contact order restraining the person or excluding the person from a residence.

See RCW 9.41.040

On the other hand, when applying for a Washington State Concealed Pistol License the answer would be yes to the offenses listed above but not necessarily for every conviction identified as DV on your criminal history. All of the above illustrates why you may need legal advice from an attorney with very technical expertise in the field of gun rights if you have a domestic violence conviction in Washington.

Washington Law Enforcement Weighs I-594

I-594 proponents claimed the initiative would prevent mentally ill and other prohibited persons from obtaining firearms.

Michael Bloomberg

The campaign was financed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Nick Hanauer, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer along with other leftist Billionaires. The anti-gun Bloomberg’s “grassroots” organization Everytown For Gun Safety filings with the Public Disclosure Commission reveal a $50 million action fund to support I-594.

Bill Gates

It is too early to know whether a gun trust will provide any protection from charges of violating I-594. The initiative does not provide such any exception for temporary sharing of firearms with trustees named in an NFA Gun Trust. The federal exception for temporary transfers of NFA restricted items to trustees was promulgated administratively by the BATF and is not binding on Washington State.

In fact, there could be an issue as to whether even the temporary sharing of an NFA restricted item with another trustee named in your NFA gun trust violates I-594. We are continuing to assess these and other issues concerning the new law. Please continue to check this website and

The measure will criminalize, with few exceptions, all temporary transfers of firearms involving any handing of a firearm to another individual- not just purchases! That includes temporary transfers for safekeeping, hunting, loan, recreational sharing, safety training, coaching, transport, etc.

Armed Defense Training

The Federal Way based Armed Defense Training Association is a good example of how the law may impact local gun owners. Founded in 2010, the non-profit group provides opportunities for education, training and gun safety. Many of the public service presentations involve members teaching gun safety to new gun owners and those who may be thinking of becoming first time gun owners.

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has determined that state hunter education instructors are exempt because instructors are agents of law enforcement. It sounds ridiculous but the I-594 definition of transfer includes almost any temporary handling of firearms. It looks doubtful whether most law enforcement agencies will enforce the prohibitions against mere temporary transfers of firearms. Nevertheless, the law is creating confusion and unintended consequences should be anticipated- even if I-594 is not enforced as written!

The Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs voted to oppose I-594 and support I-591. Contact you representatives in Olympia and tell them to repeal I-594! And talk to your neighbors about the fact that laws that aren’t enforced may be more dangerous than bad laws that are enforced.