Action Shooting Group Forming in Spokane Valley & Post Falls, Idaho

Citizens Action Group Presenting Gun Training for Spokane & Post Falls

On June 15 at 5:00 PM, a group of us will be presenting pistol training for a women’s group and others interested in forming a new citizen defense group. The new service club will be meeting at Fernan Rod & Gun Club range for an introduction to the fundamentals of action pistol shooting.

We are planning to create a nonprofit corporation by next fall for the Post Falls and Spokane Valley areas. Several months ago we announced that we will be presenting live-fire action shooting events and training on a regular basis with experienced instructors in scenarios that simulate actual self-defense situations for those that want to be better prepared to protect ourselves and loved ones.

We are planning our first major event for the fall of 2016. We are designing simple shoot-on-the-move drills that will supplement the training you may already have. There will be instructors to teach participants how to draw from the holster. We will complete many of the drills with SIRT pistols. We hope to have enough of the laser training pistols for everyone with holsters but please contact us because the event is limited to 25 people.

We will be asking for a donation of $10.00 and you should bring your carry pistol, hard holster suitable for carrying a pistol on your belt with extra magazines and 100 rounds of pistol ammunition for your pistol.

Shoot-on-the-move events involve multiple targets, rapid shooting from the holster and engaging targets from behind cover and while moving.

We are developing a mailing list for those who want to participate in regular events like the ones described above. Church security teams should contact us because we will be developing specialized education and training to provide cost-effective training programs tailored to church security.

It is very difficult to arrange for shoot-on-the-move training at most ranges because of potential liability issues. We will be exploring ways to provide cost-effective insurance and set up Reality Based Training that is beyond what is available to most gun owners.

The shoot-on-the-move events that we anticipate presenting at various locations around North Idaho and Spokane will be noncompetitive. Nevertheless, the courses of fire will develop many of the skills and challenges featured in various competition shooting matches like IDPA and USPSA shooting. Our event in Fall, 2016 will be near Medical Lake at a new range that is still under construction.

Additionally, the cooperation and camaraderie of shooting together demonstrates how neighbors can encourage each other to protect our loved ones and be a force for good in our communities. The group will not have any political or religious agenda but we require law abiding citizens that respect the laws and submit to the state, local and federal governments.

We anticipate using a number of paper and steel targets. We invite interested groups and individuals to contact us and consider serving on one of our volunteer planning committees.

Go to Firearms Lawyer for my email or contact Mark Knapp at the telephone number there.

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