All Volunteer Armed Defense Training Association in Spokane?

Introduction to the Armed Defense Training Association

Spokane and North Idaho: Gun Training Opportunities

Firearms Lawyer, Mark Knapp, makes a solid case for introducing a nonprofit volunteer gun-training group to Spokane and North Idaho.

Build It & They Will Come

The United States is experiencing a historic wave of new shooters. And with that come new shooting facilities and other firearms related businesses. Bellevue, Washington, Las Vegas, Nevada and Potlatch, Idaho are cities that have attracted successful gun-related businesses. Idaho and Montana are both among a growing number of states that have recognized the economic opportunity created by America’s legacy of firearms freedom.

Las Vegas recently received a large amount of revenue from a sell-off of Federal land (authorized by Congress just for Nevada). The money had to be used on parks, and at least $64 million has been spent on the Clark County Shooting Complex. Las Vegas hosts shooting activities that include opportunities to shoot fully automatic weapons and other equipment that would be illicit contraband in states like California.

Arming citizens properly

Armed citizens from all over the United States are getting trained at places like Front Sight, another rapidly growing shooting complex near Las Vegas. Many new gun owners go to gun ranges like Center Target Sports in Post Falls. The needs don’t stop with instruction. Gunsmiths, holster and optics manufacturers and other retail sales are all examples of economic opportunities for North Idaho counties that are willing to manage zoning regulations in ways that encourage firearms related industries to relocate. Developing policies that promote indoor and outdoor ranges is a key to attracting such enterprises.

Can North Idaho learn something from Las Vegas and Bellevue? Center Target Sports, named as the best indoor range in the United States a few years ago, is already a model for other ranges that are springing up in cities all over the United States. Bellevue, Washington area hosts at least three indoor ranges, and a number of outdoor ranges, all within a short drive from one another. Boise area has at least one range that is marketing to families.

A Little History

In 2011, a group of firearms enthusiasts created the ARMED DEFENSE TRAINING ASSOCIATION (ADTA). The group helped pave the way for a new indoor range in Federal Way with two law enforcement tactical bays and other facilities where shooters can practice target shooting. The range offers shoot-on-the-move practice and competition with pistols, rifles and shotguns.

The ADTA itself started when some members of the local Chamber of Commerce started asking each other what it would take to create a range for the suburban city located halfway between Tacoma and Seattle. We started presenting shoot-on-the-move events and New Shooter Clinics with an emphasis on safety. We quickly transition new and experienced shooters into advanced tactical drills- but always with basic safety first and last.

Members regularly share expertise with other members on the range and in classroom settings or at monthly membership meetings that are open to the public. For example, we focused on stress-fire techniques one week with a live stress-fire event on the range the following week. We have also recently worked with shotgun training and education in how to deal with edged weapons attacks.

The ADTA does not try to take the place of professional firearms training. The group offers a place to get started and to maintain gun handling skills. Formed in 2011, the ADTA, recently recognized by the IRS as a 501©(7) non-profit organization, is ready to reach out to help new chapters form anywhere in the Northwest and beyond.

One advantage of having various chapters will be the increased access to experts from various communities. The all volunteer staff can offer help to other ADTA chapters in other cities and the existing ADTA team can help get new chapters off the ground. The Federal Way group has been busy creating a model and systems that can be reproduced when other communities in the Northwest ask for help.

New ADTA Chapters Planned for Northwest

The new ADTA chapters will attract volunteer instructors and qualified range officers that can help with bigger events. We are expecting to identify volunteers who are also experts in real estate, fund raising, public relations and other fields so we can offer opportunities to participate in unique training events that will make our families and communities safer.

It all starts with contacting us if you want to see an ADTA chapter in the area where you live. The goal is to practice at a range close to where you live- close enough that you can conveniently take your wife and kids or neighbors out for some practice. But with the opportunity to practice in a tactical manner with multiple targets while shooting on the move. It’s like that movie, FIELD OF DREAMS- “Build it and they will come!”

FBI Clears Way for Restoration of Gun Rights After DV Conviction in Washington State

Up until recently, anyone that had been convicted of a Fourth Degree Assault determined to be domestic violence in Washington State was in a tough position because the NICS did not recognize a Restoration of Rights for Washington state non-felony domestic violence convictions. State and federal laws on the subject of domestic violence and gun rights are very technical and you should schedule a legal consultation in order to look carefully at any convictions that you think resulted from allegations of domestic violence.

Many Washington State citizens with misdemeanor DV convictions who had their right to possess firearms restored were getting NICS denials. The intent of Congress has long been that a state court order restoring firearm rights should remove federal prohibitions on possessing firearms.

“A person shall not be considered to have been convicted of such an offense for purposes of this chapter if the conviction has been expunged or set aside, or is an offense for which the person has been pardoned or has had civil rights restored (if the law of the applicable jurisdiction provides for the loss of civil rights under such an offense) unless the pardon, expungement, or restoration of civil rights expressly provides that the person may not ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms.”

The United States Department of Justice and the FBI-NICS no longer look at most non-felony convictions for domestic violence in Washington as offenses that prohibit possession of firearms. This is based on the 2013 case of Descamps v U.S. The FBI NICS division was previously taking the position that even a Washington State court order restoring firearm rights to misdemeanants did not remove firearm prohibitions under federal law because the conviction did not result in the loss of civil rights.

Restoring gun rights in Washington requires a Certificate of Rehabilitation and Restoration of Firearms Rights; merely vacating the conviction or expungement does not meet the requirements of Washington law nor will vacating a conviction satisfy federal criteria for restoration of the right to possess firearms.

If you have been convicted for felonies and Washington state restores your right to possess a weapon you will also be eligible for a Washington Concealed Pistol License. The federal government has now determined that conviction for a Fourth Degree Assault (DV) in Washington State does not prohibit possession of firearms under 18 USC 922 (g)(9) because the Washington State statute for that offense is too vague. Nevertheless, there is still a need to obtain a restoration of firearms rights in order to satisfy state law requirements and federal interpretations of Washington State law related to firearms rights seems to change unexpectedly.

Note Very Well: When answering the questions for a NICS background check: Question 11i on Form 4473 should be answered with strict accuracy: answer “yes” if, and only if, you have a conviction for an offense that meets the federal Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence definition pursuant to 18 USC 922(g)(9); i.e., “use or attempted use of physical force or threatened use of a deadly weapon.”

Thus, if you have a conviction for Assault in the Fourth Degree in Washington State, you should state that you have no convictions related to domestic violence on the form you must complete to purchase a firearm through a federally licensed firearms dealer. This advice applies even if the notation (DV) appears next to the conviction on your criminal history rap sheet and provided you only have a Fourth Degree Assault conviction that was entered in Washington State. All of those offenses listed in 9.41.040(2)(a)(i) fall outside the federal definition of Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence.

Assault in the Fourth Degree, Coercion,
Stalking, Reckless Endangerment,
Criminal Trespass in the First Degree,
Violation of the provisions of a protection order or no-contact order restraining the person or excluding the person from a residence.

See RCW 9.41.040

On the other hand, when applying for a Washington State Concealed Pistol License the answer would be yes to the offenses listed above but not necessarily for every conviction identified as DV on your criminal history. All of the above illustrates why you may need legal advice from an attorney with very technical expertise in the field of gun rights if you have a domestic violence conviction in Washington.

Washington Law Enforcement Weighs I-594

I-594 proponents claimed the initiative would prevent mentally ill and other prohibited persons from obtaining firearms.

Michael Bloomberg

The campaign was financed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Nick Hanauer, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer along with other leftist Billionaires. The anti-gun Bloomberg’s “grassroots” organization Everytown For Gun Safety filings with the Public Disclosure Commission reveal a $50 million action fund to support I-594.

Bill Gates

It is too early to know whether a gun trust will provide any protection from charges of violating I-594. The initiative does not provide such any exception for temporary sharing of firearms with trustees named in an NFA Gun Trust. The federal exception for temporary transfers of NFA restricted items to trustees was promulgated administratively by the BATF and is not binding on Washington State.

In fact, there could be an issue as to whether even the temporary sharing of an NFA restricted item with another trustee named in your NFA gun trust violates I-594. We are continuing to assess these and other issues concerning the new law. Please continue to check this website and

The measure will criminalize, with few exceptions, all temporary transfers of firearms involving any handing of a firearm to another individual- not just purchases! That includes temporary transfers for safekeeping, hunting, loan, recreational sharing, safety training, coaching, transport, etc.

Armed Defense Training

The Federal Way based Armed Defense Training Association is a good example of how the law may impact local gun owners. Founded in 2010, the non-profit group provides opportunities for education, training and gun safety. Many of the public service presentations involve members teaching gun safety to new gun owners and those who may be thinking of becoming first time gun owners.

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has determined that state hunter education instructors are exempt because instructors are agents of law enforcement. It sounds ridiculous but the I-594 definition of transfer includes almost any temporary handling of firearms. It looks doubtful whether most law enforcement agencies will enforce the prohibitions against mere temporary transfers of firearms. Nevertheless, the law is creating confusion and unintended consequences should be anticipated- even if I-594 is not enforced as written!

The Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs voted to oppose I-594 and support I-591. Contact you representatives in Olympia and tell them to repeal I-594! And talk to your neighbors about the fact that laws that aren’t enforced may be more dangerous than bad laws that are enforced.

Shooting 3-Gun near Spokane

AAAMIca-PK-3Mica Pk Mark 2

By Mark Knapp, Contributing Firearms Editor for

Patrick Kelley’s dad taught him to shoot. He went on to become an avid Bull’s-eye target shooter and shotgun competitor. After years of developing skills in the fundamentals, he started shooting USPSA and 3-Gun matches. He is now in his 50’s and one of the top 3-Gun shooters in the world with many accomplishments. Devoted to passing on the techniques he has learned to a new generation of shooters, Kelley is also an announcer for 3-Gun Nation on the Sportsman’s Channel.

Fifteen of us attended the INLAND NORTHWEST ACTION SHOOTERS’ 3-Gun seminar at the Spokane Valley Rifle & Pistol Club in Mica, Washington on May 10. Pat started out by discussing the fundamentals of marksmanship. He states unequivocally that the fundamentals learned in Bulls-eye and clay target sports are what earned Kelley so much success in shoot-on-the-move disciplines.

Trigger Pull: the heart of the matter in multi-gun shooting
Trigger control, of course, is the heart of the matter. No matter how quickly you are traversing a complicated course of fire, things always boils down to a proper trigger pull. Misses result from jerking the gun out of alignment when the trigger is pulled.

Once Pat had us confirm that our sights were aligned, we proceeded to shoot steel plates with pistols while moving backwards, forward and sideways. Kelley quickly had us performing similar drills with rifle. Learning the rhythm of shooting when the shooter’s weight is transferred to the front foot is difficult.

Each technique takes a lot of practice after the class is over and the homework assignments are demanding. The ability to maintain fundamentals while engaged in a very intuitive and fluid series of movements with transitions to three different weapons takes a great deal of discipline.

Game plan for action
The shooter must have a game plan and be ready to change the plan at any point. No where does this become more apparent than when shooting a shotgun which has an inherent tendency to malfunction- more than rifles and pistols which have a way of developing problems under conditions of many rounds that are rapidly fired.

When things are working, smoothly the shotgun is ideal for swinging through a series of targets. Our class practiced shooting steel targets while swinging the shot gun back and forth with a nonstop motion. It was easy to miss but the goal is to keep the muzzle moving at a steady speed. We quickly realized the potential to shoot faster than with a rifle because of the fact that each shot pattern shades into the following one and the need to be totally accurate is not as great as with a single round.

The Mica Range
The range at Mica is surrounded by green hills and farmland and sits alongside farmland that is hemmed in by trees. Long distance shots of 1000 yards go up into the timbered areas. But we were shooting at distances of about 40 yards or less. The weather was sunny- 60 degree temperatures- and right next to us were USPSA pistol shooters shooting a match hosted by the Inland Northwest Action Shooters which also provided the Patrick Kelley seminar.

Some of us left the class for about 30 minutes to shoot through the four courses of USPSA targets. Normally this would take the better part of the day but the range officers let us go ahead of the other shooters so we could get back to class.

On Sunday, the class shot the INAS 3-Gun Match at the Mica location as a squad of 15 shooters with Kelley as our coach. The weather was perfect and we started out with rifle, shooting a rack of small plates about 40 yards out. I was surprised how many of the shooters could quickly knock down the plates without missing. I had to shoot at one plate twice but they all went down nicely. Then we transitioned to popper plates with shotguns. I had to pick up another plate that I missed from swinging through the plates too rapidly with my Mossberg 930.

Some of the challenges you face
All three courses of fire held challenges for our squad which had shooters that have never shot a 3-Gun match and experienced practitioners of the sport. There were four clays hung out on two ropes at close quarters. The red dot optics that most of us use on our rifles makes for an offset at close range; the offset requires that a shooter aim about three inches high- especially with such small targets. I hit each clay on the first shot but then missed a swinging paper target with my pistol. A failure to neutralize adds seconds to the time. Missing adds up quickly and will rapidly bring down even the fastest times. We all enjoyed watching our instructor whip through the courses of fire with smooth reloads and very good accuracy.

Patrick Kelly demonstrates part of the multi-gun shooting technique.

I shot in the open category and there were only a few other shooters shooting with optics on their pistol. It takes some practice to locate the red dot on the JP site that I recently had mounted on my Glock 17. Once you get the red dot on that first target, acquisition of targets becomes very fast and surgically accurate.

I only had one malfunction with my Mossberg (which also has a red dot) and was about two or three inches low on one of my four slug shots- another failure to neutralize because I got over confident and only shot the target once. One hit in the A zone is all it takes to neutralize a target. The key is to stay focused and have a good time.

Inland Northwest Action Shooters will host a USPSA and a 3-Gun match every second Saturday during the coming months. The Fernan Range in Coeur d’Alene has also started a monthly 3-Gun match. Multigun is the fastest growing shooting sport and now appears on the Blaze channel for those of us that know Glenn Beck.

3-Gun Nation was featured on NBC until the school shootings in Connecticut scared the network away. I have never been able to view 3-Gun Nation on television but I am sure that Patrick Kelley makes it lively.

Pat is a treasure trove of information about many of the personalities, techniques and history of modern shooting sports. I hope to be watching him on television soon! Patrick is also available for classes, usually with groups of about six people. –>

Gerlach Trial in Spokane: Strong Message About Self-Defense

Citizens Send Message to Spokane Prosecutor’s Office in Gerlach Case

Gail Gerlach is a Spokane area resident who has been acquitted of first-degree manslaughter charges. He shot 25 year old Brendon Kaluza-Graham on March 25, 2013. The shot and killed Kaluza-Graham who was driving away in Gerlach’s vehicle. The defense argued that the Defendant saw the fleeing man make threatening gestures that looked like he was pointing a gun at Gerlach when the vehicle was about ten or twelve feet away but certainly not 66 feet as the prosecution reportedly argued.

The deceased man’s family was disgusted with the way the media portrayed Kaluza-Graham, saying their relative was made into a “one-dimensional thief.” According to the Spokesman Review, one family member lamented, “He was made into a poster boy for the angst of the community, a sacrificial lamb. That’s not right.”

“He had hopes and dreams,” said Ann Kaluza. “He was made into a poster boy for the angst of the community, a sacrificial lamb. That’s not right.”

Gerlach, who reportedly faced up to a decade in prison if found guilty, turned down a plea offer in which prosecutors offered him one year of confinement. Gerlach testified that he thought he saw Kaluza-Graham pointing a pistol at him through the back window of Gerlach’s SUV. His perception was that it was a gun and that “this was it”, that he was going to be killed.

Gerlach told prosecuting attorney, Deric Martin, that he wasn’t aware children were gathering at a bus stop near where the shooting took place. Would he have acted in the same way even had he known they were there? One police officer brought up the presence of children that he saw after he had arrived on scene. There were children present at some point but the shooting was before the normal school bus stop time according to the Defendant, Gail Gerlach.

“Even if you had been aware, as you testified in direct examination, any kids at that bus stop would have been collateral damage,” Martin stated to the Defendant.

“… if you’d missed Mr. Kaluza-Graham or missed your vehicle, and hit one of them, that’s just a risk you were willing to take?” Martin asked.

“I didn’t miss,” Gerlach said.

Under the pressure of cross-examination from Martin, it sounded cocky. Bob Smith related much of this to me and assures that the Defendant is not arrogant or cocky. All acknowledge that the shot, while aimed at the threat, was a fluke. It hit glass, a child’s car seat and headrest before striking Kaluza-Graham. Gerlach testified that he shot because he believed if he didn’t, he would have been killed.

Robert Smith, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, was an expert witness whose testimony was critcal in Gerlach’s trial. Smith spent over four hours testifying and was instrumental in helping the jury reach a verdict of not guilty. I asked him to share his observations regarding the case and he told me that he spent the last seven to eight months on Gerlach’s defense team with an associate, a retired state crime lab expert in firearms forensics. Smith’s expertise is in use of force, particularly lethal force.

Smith has no time for “gun shop commandos” or gun prohibitionists. He has been a law enforcement firearms instructor who also teaches armed citizens. After over three decades of such instruction he found some lessons in the case from which we can all learn.

The term “furtive movement” describes exactly what happened in Gerlach’s case. Smith uses the example of the Spokane County deputies who shot a man that presented keys in a manner that the deputies took as threatening. What the officers knew at the time that they had to make such a critical decision is how they must be judged by a police review board or a jury.

According to Smith, the media did not show bias against the deceased man but may have “massaged” the facts in such a way as to make Gerlach out to be an irresponsible gun owner.

“This case has never been about defending against a property theft by using lethal force. It has always been about self-defense against a perceived threat of deadly force against Mr. Gerlach, and that is what the jury understood, after weighing the facts of the case. Yet some of the media has reported before, during, and after the verdict that this is what the case was about.”

The news media published a high school graduation picture of the Brendon Kaluza-Graham and another picture surfaced after the trial that appearedto be Kaluza-Graham at about 12-14 years old. This is what many found so reprehensible in the George Zimmerman trial; i.e., photos that were several years younger than what the so-called victim looked like at the time of his crime. No sympathy for the armed citizen, no reports regarding all the other vehicles that Kaluza-Graham stole or even very much about 25 grams of methamphetamine in his possession. “He was just turning his life around.”

While the possession and the possibility that Kaluza-Graham was under the influence of drugs was inadmissible, it was known to the defense during the trial and explained the behavior Gerlach described. Remember the Zimmerman case? The City of Sanford fired their police chief because he refused to refer charges against Zimmerman. Eventually pressure was brought to bear via the media and protesters many of whom were threatening violence in the streets of Sanford, Florida. Even the U.S. Department of Justice brought pressure to bear and there is evidence Holder’s DOJ was committing resources to coordinate the protesters calling for Zimmerman to be prosecuted.

Eventually, prosecutors stepped forward at the state level and put a whole new spin on Zimmerman’s case. Unless you keep an extra two-three hundred thousand dollars lying around just for your criminal defense, it may be wise to not saying anything “that can and will be used against you in a court of law.” As law enforcement officers are told, “You may not go to jail because you did something wrong. You may go to jail because you could not articulate that what you did was right.”

Armed citizens are taught the same thing in most Use of Force classes. There is a reason police get 48-72 hours before they are required to make statements, Smith says. “We are all subject to the same psychological effects related to that critical incident. Learn the 2-5 minimal things to say, then don’t say anything more until you have had time to rest, reflect and seek counsel, both legal and psychological.”

The suggestion that Kaluza-Graham had a new job interview the next day makes for a good human interest story but isn’t Gerlach as sympathetic a victim as the deceased? Gerlach thought he was about to be killed and has been through hell and back- about $300,000.00 worth of hell! Isn’t that worth some sympathy?

Incidentally, the jury will now decide whether to award Gerlach reasonable attorney’s fees under Washington State’s special verdict statute for self-defense cases. The cost of his legal defense may be close to $300,000.00.

The jury deliberated a relatively short amount of time and determined that the case was one of self-defense. That means the state owes the defense some fees. A hearing on fees is expected within the month. Smith should have no problem getting outside expert fees. Defense attorneys, David Stevens and Richard Lee, showed the jury what it means to see things as a reasonable man or woman.

The case also show the Prosecutor’s Office not to file charges against honest citizens that are trying to do the right thing. The Spokane Prosecutor’s Office actually took a vote- three were for and three against filing; Steven Tucker broke the tie. Bob Smith comments, “Really, we charge now by vote, not evidence?”

The case was also forwarded to Steven Tucker’s office by the Spokane Police Department with no recommendation- which in a way is a recommendation. Tucker also publicly stated that he “wanted to send a message to the citizens of Spokane.” Well, perhaps the citizens sent a message back via the jury. Reasonable men and women should look at things from the point of view of what Gail Gerlach knew when he thought he saw a gun pointed at him.

Good Guy With Gun Prevents Mass Carnage at Arapahoe HS


On Friday an armed school resource officer stopped a potential mass shooting at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado. The 18 year old shooter was armed with a pump-action shotgun, a machete and three Molotov cocktails.

Many high schools don’t have any armed personnel. It is good that an Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy was assigned to the school as an armed school resource officer. Karl Pierson, a self-avowed socialist, had enough ammunition and weaponry to create another grizzly scene like nearby Columbine High School or Newtown. I think the Molotov cocktail is named after one of Joseph Stalin’s most famous henchmen- also a socialist.

One of Pierson’s classmates, Claire Esther Davis, died after lingering on for several days. Pierson ignited one of his firebombs in the school library. Then he killed himself as the school resource officer closed in. One media outlet quoted one of the shooter’s fellow students describing Karl as having “socialist opinions”. The news outlet changed the quote and simply characterized the shooter as “opinionated”.

Imagine how the story would have been reported had young Karl Pierson been a fan of Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin! The whole event took 80 seconds and only one person died and another was injured. Many more could have died within a few minutes if it had not been for the good guy with a gun.

Then on Tuesday, Dec. 17th, a shooter killed an innocent victim and himself at the RENOWN REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER in Reno, NV. At another high school near Olympia, Washington, a student was arrested that had a fascination with the Columbine High School shootings. It is not known what the political views of the two shooters might have been. CNN and other news networks only announce this when someone jumps to the conclusion that an active shooter is a follower of Sarah Palin, but not Karl Marx.

The left-leaning maniac that shot the Congress woman in Arizona was immediately misidentified as a Tea Party advocate with a fondness for Sarah Palin’s political outlook by the Democratic Sheriff of Pinal County. The falsehood was echoed by a compliant news media. Once the original allegation discovered to be patently false, the shooter’s political views became irrelevant.

The number of active shooters with left-wing socialist world views has been noted by many observers. Most recent mass shooters, with some exceptions, often seem to purchase their guns right before embarking on their deadly killing sprees. Karl Pierson, an Eagle Scout, may have had some prior training because the BSA still encourages gun safety education and many Scout troops actually go to the range and engage targets. Eagle Scouts rarely go off the rails- until they start buying into Marxist-Leninist theory and various strands of socialism. However. there are not many Boy Scout merit badges in Communistic- Progressive doctrines that begin and end with the premise that all human progress springs out of social forces formed by class interests clashing in inexorable struggle; i.e., violent struggle. Or how to make Molotov cocktails, for that matter!

Benefits of a Washington Gun Trust or NFA Trust.

All Gun Trusts are not equal. A Gun Trust or NFA Trust should be designed for all of your firearms can provide Asset Protection and multi generational ownership for your firearms.

While a Professional Gun Trust with an ArmsGuard Protector is the most advanced Gun Trust, there are other options available and all of our Gun Trusts provide the following benefits.

No CLEO Signature Required
The ATF requires that all individuals obtain approval from their Chief Law Enforcement Officer (the “CLEO”) as part of the application process to obtain a Title II firearm from another individual or Class 3 dealer. Many CLEOs around the country are refusing to sign or even acknowledge the ATF Forms.

No Fingerprints or Photographs are Required
When using a Gun Trust to acquire Title II firearms, no fingerprints or photographs are required. This is a cost savings and can also significantly decrease the time required to take possession of the items. Often fingerprints have to be retaken because they are not acceptable for the FBI’s criminal database.

Individuals who submit their ATF forms to their CLEO are often concerned about who will have knowledge of their firearms. They also express concerns that they will come under additional scrutiny because the police will have knowledge that they are in possession of these more restricted firearms. In most states when using a Gun Trust, neither the CLEO nor the police are given notice that you will be in possession of or own the NFA firearms. All of your regular firearms information remains private and is never disclosed to the ATF so no de facto registration of your firearms is created.

If you become incapacitated, your family or friends are often the ones to help you. In doing so, they may come in contact with the restricted items and put themselves at risk of violating the NFA without knowledge. A Gun Trust helps protect these individuals from violating the NFA and other local, state, and federal laws by providing them clear instructions on what they are and are not permitted to do. Many normal trusts and many so called NFA Trusts instruct people to break the law. Look the only Copyrighted Gun Trust prepared by a Gun Trust Lawyer®

Without a Gun Trust, when you die your individually owned firearms will be part of your “probate estate.” With a Gun Trust, your firearms are not subject to probate or made part of a public record. Your beneficiaries will be protected because they will receive guidance on how, when, and under what circumstances the items can or should be legally transferred. If you have children, a Gun Trust has specific provisions to protect them and make sure they do not receive the firearms if they live in a location where it is illegal to possess NFA or other firearms, and most importantly a Gun Trust can help ensure that your children are mature and responsible enough that you would want them to have the firearms even when you are not there to make the decision.

Co-owners and Authorized Users
When an individual purchases Title II firearms, he or she is the only one permitted to use or have access to them. Many people incorrectly believe that it is permissible to let others use their NFA firearms when in their presence. However, the NFA would consider this a transfer and be a violation of the law. When your spouse or someone else knows the combination to your firearms safe, you may be violating the law through constructive possession. Improper possession through constructive possession is a form of an unapproved transfer and a violation of the NFA. If you use a properly prepared Gun Trust to purchase Title II firearms, you can designate additional owners and authorized users to protect your family and friends. If you want to add or change users or owners later a Gun Trust can be adapted to reflect your current or future desires. The risk of constructive possession can be dealt with by adding that person to the Gun Trust so that they can be in legal possession of the guns. This can help protect you and your family from the penalties of violating the NFA.

Reducing Risk of Legal Changes
Many groups are attempting to limit the ability to transfer firearms to family members or friends. With a Gun Trust an adult child, family member, or friend can be made a co-owner of the trust or a Multi Generational Gun Trust can be created. While the ownership or management of the Gun Trust can be changed, the Gun Trust is still the registered owner of the firearms and the trust can be structured so that no transfer takes place under the NFA. Penalties for violating the National Firearms Act can be severe.

Each violation of the National Firearms Act subjects the owner to forfeiture of all weapons, 10 years in prison, and fines of up to $250,000. Thus, our Gun Trusts provide guidance to family members that can use the instructions in the Gun Trust after you are gone.

Benefits of a NFA Gun Trust Over a Corporation or LLC
Corporations and LLCs often have annual fees associated with them. Business entities are not private and much information about the individuals associated with them is contained in public records. Corporations and LLCs have annual state fees and other costs associated with the maintenance of the entity.

To make a change to an NFA Gun Trust, one simply amends the trust to change who can use, purchase, or possess the firearms without risk of criminal liability for violating the NFA.

The Copyrighted Gun Trust
As a Gun Trust Lawyer®, Our Gun Trusts are protected by US Copyright Laws and designed from the ground up to protect all of your firearms and magazines as well as those who are using or may be in possession of them from the penalties proscribed by local, state, federal laws and the NFA. The Gun Trust has been rewritten with these principals in mind. This trust instructs the grantors, trustees, successor trustees, and beneficiaries on their rights, duties, and qualifications and guides them through the proper way to purchase, use, and transfer the items under state and federal regulations. Each NFA Gun Trust comes with a comprehensive instructional memorandum that covers how to purchase, transfer, use, share, transport, store the firearms as well as how to use the trust based on questions and feedback from thousands of clients.

How to Decide Which Gun Trust Is Right For Your Family and Begin the Process
The first step in creating your Gun Trust is to call Mark Knapp a Gun Trust Lawyer® at (253) 202-2081.

Law Office of Mark Knapp PLLC (253) 202-2081

We handle assault cases, domestic violence, restoration of gun rights and NFA gun trusts. We also handle many other aspects of civil rights, employment discrimination

and Constitutional law. See our website at

We will represent you in traffic matters, misdemeanor criminal cases, misdemeanors and felony cases. Mr. Knapp has been practicing law since November of 1989, over 27 years.

What is a Washington Gun Trust or NFA Trust?

A Gun Trust is a legal document that allows for ownership and management of all firearms, magazines, and accessories. NFA Firearms are firearms that are regulated by the National Firearms Act (the “NFA”). Many people mistakenly refer to them as “Class 3” firearms.

In Washington, suppressors (or silencers) are now legal to own and shoot and even use while hunting game animals. The NFA still regulates these items and individuals, business entities, and trusts are permitted to purchase suppressors and some other items by obtaining permission from the ATF. Transferring or making these items requires completion of a Form 1 or Form 4 along with payment of $200.00 for a tax stamp.

While a traditional trust can be used to purchase firearms, there are many problems with using a traditional trust and therefore only an Gun Trust should be used.

We help individuals and their families educate and protect themselves from unintentional violations of the NFA as well as local, state, and federal firearms laws. The process of creating a Gun Trust involves talking with the Law Office of Mark Knapp PLLC a Gun Trust Lawyer® to determine what and how the client’s family makeup will influence the structure of the Gun Trust. We work with David Goldman the founder of the Gun Trust Lawyer Blog to help provide comprehensive multistate Gun Trusts. We can also assist you to limit future legislative and transfer tax risks associated with NFA firearms as well as regular firearms ownership. Once the Gun Trust is designed, an attorney who is licensed in your state reviews the Gun Trust, makes state specific firearms and trust related changes and forwards finalized Gun Trust to the client.

The client reviews the instructions and FAQs and then can discuss any questions or comments on federal and state law. If necessary, modifications are made, then the grantor and trustees sign the trust. Once the Gun Trust is properly executed, NFA items can be purchased and your regular firearms can be transferred into the trust. The entire process takes less than a week and often only 1 – 2 days.

Restoring Your Right to Keep & Bear Arms

You can petition the court to restore your right to own firearms by representing yourself or obtaining an attorney. We can provide some links that will help you to obtain the forms but there are some pitfalls. For instance, at the present time, the federal government (BATF & NICS) will not recognize rights restored by the Washington Courts if the underlying conviction was for domestic violence.

There are many exceptions and technical issues that need to be examined but there is a great deal of safety in relying on the advice of an experienced attorney. Your attorney needs to practice in the area of firearms rights in order to understand the complexities and conflicts between the various laws and jurisdictions.

Note Very Well: The federal government is now recognizing restoration of the right to possess firearms in non-felony domestic violence cases. Up until recently there were problems with such cases in Washington State that have now been resolved. Many felony convictions in Washington are also eligible for restoration of rights. If your conviction is in another state, however, you should contact a lawyer in the state where the conviction was entered.

We cannot help with federal convictions. There is a federal law providing for the BATFE to handle petitions for restoration of gun rights after federal convictions but Congress never funded the BATFE for expunging convictions and the agency refuses to handle any petitions to expunge and/or restore rights.

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